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Fairgrounds® Meat Hot Dogs, 12oz 

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Fairgrounds<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Meat Hot Dogs, 12oz

Have an unforgettable barbeque any night of the week with these Fairgrounds Meat Hot Dogs. Delicious hot dogs are great grilled, boiled, or pan-fried. Try them at your next party!

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We can always tell when its NOT fairgrounds hot dogs from save-a-lot! These are the best tasting, the best price and we always recommend them!

kelso871, Grand Rapids, MI

I'm really impressed with Fairgrounds meat products, Much better than some of the National brands. I am a meat manager for a competitor, and believe u have a superior product than what I can get. And since we have no house brand that says alot, much better than Bar S!

kingofcubes, Albany, OR

This is a great brand with a great taste and a great price! fairgrounds hot dogs are the favorite in my house!


These hot dogs were on sale 2 for $1. These are my favorite brand of hot dog. They taste great for the price!


these are just as good as any of the national brands and you can't beat the price

jillwyrk7, YORK, PA