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Fairgrounds® Meat Hot Dogs, 12oz 

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Fairgrounds<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Meat Hot Dogs, 12oz

Have an unforgettable barbeque any night of the week with these Fairgrounds Meat Hot Dogs. Delicious hot dogs are great grilled, boiled, or pan-fried. Try them at your next party!

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A really good tasting hot dog at a price you can swallow! 5 Stars

cmartin8386, Tacoma, WA

I buy these all summer long for cookouts for friends and family. No one can tell the difference between them and name brand and I can afford to feed them without breaking the bank. Great taste!!!

ILoveMyBabyBelle, Wooster, OH

These are my 3 yr old grandson's favorite hot dogs and hot dogs are his favorite food right now. He prefers them over Oscar Meyer. I think the Fairground hot dogs are a great value!

CarlaT0211, Richton, MS

these are alright... I guess?...not the best tasting hot dogs, but for the price, they are great!...having a bar-b-que, or a kids party, these would be fine! :)

themelclub, New Hartford, NY