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Fairgrounds® Meat Hot Dogs, 12oz 

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Fairgrounds<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Meat Hot Dogs, 12oz

Have an unforgettable barbeque any night of the week with these Fairgrounds Meat Hot Dogs. Delicious hot dogs are great grilled, boiled, or pan-fried. Try them at your next party!

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These are the worse hotdogs I have ever ate in my life. The only way to really eat these so you don't taste how awful they are, is as a chili dog. They are also the weirdest looking hot dog when nuked....never saw a hot dog do like these do in the microwave....they look like a chicken has pecked them all over. I don't know how anyone could compare these to name brand hot dogs.


One bite of a Fairgrounds Hot Dog is like sticking your tongue in a bowl of salt!


these hotr dogs are the worse hot dogs me and my kids havew ever ate. i live in a city where save-alot is the only grocery store in town so i thought i would save a couple dollars and but fairground hot dogs. they made my whole family sick. and also they taste like your eating a box of salt. this company does not care that kids are who eat alot of hot dogs, so why would you make it safde for kids to eat them. i would not give these dogs to anyone. save=alot you really need to check on the products you sell. just because you can give someone something for a cheap price doesnt mean it good for them .

fredterri, tyrone, PA

i love fairground hot dogs - they're better than being at the fair!

ohabsolutely, Bristol, CT

If you are looking for that classic meat hotdog taste then look no further. Fairgrounds® Meat Hot Dogs are 12oz of dog-dangling goodness. Each bite causes a meat explosion in my mouth that rivals the leading brands at a fraction of the cost. When I am looking to grill this summer I am heading to the Fairgrounds!

Mike_Hock, North Wallingford, CT

We can always tell when its NOT fairgrounds hot dogs from save-a-lot! These are the best tasting, the best price and we always recommend them!

kelso871, Grand Rapids, MI

I'm really impressed with Fairgrounds meat products, Much better than some of the National brands. I am a meat manager for a competitor, and believe u have a superior product than what I can get. And since we have no house brand that says alot, much better than Bar S!

kingofcubes, Albany, OR

This is a great brand with a great taste and a great price! fairgrounds hot dogs are the favorite in my house!


These hot dogs were on sale 2 for $1. These are my favorite brand of hot dog. They taste great for the price!


these are just as good as any of the national brands and you can't beat the price

jillwyrk7, YORK, PA

A really good tasting hot dog at a price you can swallow! 5 Stars

cmartin8386, Tacoma, WA

I buy these all summer long for cookouts for friends and family. No one can tell the difference between them and name brand and I can afford to feed them without breaking the bank. Great taste!!!

ILoveMyBabyBelle, Wooster, OH

These are my 3 yr old grandson's favorite hot dogs and hot dogs are his favorite food right now. He prefers them over Oscar Meyer. I think the Fairground hot dogs are a great value!

CarlaT0211, Richton, MS

these are alright... I guess?...not the best tasting hot dogs, but for the price, they are great!...having a bar-b-que, or a kids party, these would be fine! :)

themelclub, New Hartford, NY
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