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Mantia's Meatballs, 15oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Meatballs, 15oz
Create your own Italian masterpiece with Mantia's Meatballs. Perfectly seasoned meatballs are easy to prepare-serve them with Mantia's spaghetti and pasta sauce for a complete dinner without the fuss!

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These are great! We had to get our friends together for a meatball sub party (yeah, for real) - we used these, Mantia's meat flavored spaghetti sauce, mozzarella cheese and a dash of parmesan. Sooo good.

jenna.rapier, Lake City, FL

These are wonderful! They have a really meaty taste to them and the texture/firmness of them once cooked is perfect. Walmart doesn't have anything even close! I used Kroger's Meals Made Simple for years. These are better by far! Just heat up in your favorite Italian spaghetti sauce and season to your own taste... serve with spaghetti. Delicious!!

jengrenko, Macon, GA

I found these meatballs tasty and easy to make a meal out of. Since they are pre-cooked and seasoned I find them as a quick appetizer to add barbeque sauce to for entertaining. On the other hand adding gravy to them in the oven makes a good hearty meal for an inexpensive family meal. glanton904

glanton904, Jacksonville, FL

Meatballs were quick & easy to prepare. Just boil your spaghetti & toss with meatballs. They are tender & juicy. The sauce was delicious.

bitsy48, Hamlin, WV

these are great for a quick and easy dinner. i always use 2 bags, throw them in a big pan with some sauce adn then throw them on some rolls. The kids love them and they are so simple for me.

dcdwilson3, Providence, RI