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Senora Verde® Medium Salsa, 16oz 

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Senora Verde<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Medium Salsa, 16oz
Turn a supper siesta into a fiesta with Senora Verde Medium Salsa. This spicy and tangy salsa is delicious with Senora Verde tortilla chips and tacos.

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I really have found an awesome salsa. I have found Sav A Lot’s Senora Verde medium salsa as a great addition to any meal. The cost is just right and tastes so fresh. I quit eating salsa until I found Senora Verde's, as the brand names were so overpriced. I now look forward again to making my quick and easy quesadillas with the salsa; I went so long without because I could not find one that agreed with my taste buds. Thanks Sav-A-Lot! Quick and easy Quesadillas: Place flour tortilla in a slightly oiled or buttered skillet. Warm tortilla slightly, add SAV-A-LOT shredded cheese Let the tortilla slightly brown; place second Tortilla on top Flip and brown tortilla to your liking. Use Pizza cutter to cut into triangles and serve. Even better with SAV-A-LOT Senora Verde Jalepenos!

nancy.koerber, Gladstone, MO

Some of the best salsa out there, full of chucky flavor. Better than other well known name brands and you get to save money too!

tsgolf, Florissant, MO

It is better than the restaurants that we visit. To me an open jar of salsa is a must in our house. I even use in in recipes when fixing omelets or chicken.


Always my first choice verde

starlite111, Tampa, FL

This is just as good as the other well known fast food brand at more than half the price!

kroman04, Spring Hill, FL
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