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Mild Pork Sausage, 16oz 

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Start your day with a hearty breakfast with Farmington Mild Pork Sausage. Juicy and mild, this delicious sausage is perfect with eggs, grits, or hash browns.

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I love this sausage because it is every bit as tasty as major name brands and particularly it has NO MSG!!! 2 people in our household have immediate, extremely severe reactions to MSG and it is nearly impossible to find any sausage products that don't have it! Even the fresh sausages that our local butcher makes has MSG. Thank you Farmington!!


This is the BEST tasting sausage I have ever eaten. We use it to make sausage gravy, as the meat in spaghetti as well as patties. When I am making lasagna, I use half ground beef and half sausage. We absolutely love this stuff!

kimba463, Falls Creek, PA

I LOVE this sausage. I only get to Save a Lot once a month so I buy 6 rolls every time. Great fried up as well as on pizza!

hockeyhouse1437, Grand Haven, MI

Great quality sausage for a little price!! Great breakfast addition! YUM!

FLAJenny, sanford, FL

Great sausage for breakfast, not too spicey first thing in the morning. Good value too.

jimlindamusacchio, Painesville, OH