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Senora Verde® Mild Salsa, 16oz 

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Senora Verde<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Mild Salsa, 16oz
Turn a supper siesta into a fiesta with Senora Verde Mild Salsa. This mild and tangy salsa is delicious with Senora Verde tortilla chips and tacos.

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My family loves the salsa!! Great taste & very affordable!!

hhobbs1, Douglas, GA

I love Save-a-lots salsa and tortilla chips. It is low priced and better than name brand.

wildpiper20, Danville, IL

I add the salsa to my spaghetti sauce and it brings zest to the flavor and is quite tasty~


Great Tasting salsa at a great price. We love it. It is rich in flavor and fresh tasting.

pennypincher, Lakeland, FL

A salsa as good as any of the major competitors. I usually go through a jar of this in no time!

jplovins, Saint Louis, MO

This Salsa is the best!

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