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Senora Verde® Mild Taco Sauce, 16oz 

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Senora Verde<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Mild Taco Sauce, 16oz
Turn a supper siesta into a fiesta with Senora Verde Mild Taco Sauce-Jar. Tangy and mild taco sauce is delicious on tacos, nachos, burritos, and more. Adds a kick to any meal!

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My kids love this sauce in their tacos and quesadillas because it's mild and doesn't have any tomato chunks like most.

mayces, Wilmington, DE

This is really good taco sauce. We have it on eggs in the morning or with other meals! Love the flavor it has.

wcallow, Aurora, CO

This is my family's favorite taco sauce! We use it not only on tacos, but in recipes and as a dipping sauce. My son even uses it on scrambled eggs!! And the flavor is better than some of the national brands.

JPhillips5992, Niagara Falls, NY

I love this Taco Sauce! It has a nice flavor that is consistant from jar to jar which is something that even brand name sauces seem to have trouble with. This is a staple in my house.


Save-A-Lot has another winner with Senora Verde Taco Sauce. A nice smooth sauce that has a spicy yet refined flavor that brightens you Mexican dishes without overpowering them. Just about anyone can make a decient salsa, but a good, flavorful taco sauce is more difficult and can be used in so many ways. Add some to pizza, in chilli, it's great!

itog, Helena, AL
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