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Mountain Holler® Mountain Holler, 12can 

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Quench your thirst with the bold taste of Mountain Holler. Crisp citrus-flavored soda.

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my husband can be picky when i comes to certain things with it being a brand name but i figured the price is so good doesn't hurt to try it. He loves it now it's all we get and you can't beat the price!

Amy016, Newark, DE

Love this stuff better than Mt Dew. Hate the new fridge style container. Put it back in the old 12pk box!!!


The fridge in my dorm room is always full of this delicious beverage. What a fantastic way to enhance my studying.

arielisnumber1, Benton, AR

I adore Mountain Holler. I would choose it over any other beverage and time. But the only thing that I dislike is that you changed the look of it. before it had an awesome, flashy, and original look now it just looks generic. I say bring it back.


This soda is great. so much cheaper than the name brand but tastes the same. will never pay fore than 70 cents for soda again!

sharksgirl72801, Levittown, PA