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Wylwood® Mushrooms, 4oz 

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Wylwood<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Mushrooms, 4oz
Have a nutritious dinner ready in a flash with Wylwood Mushrooms. Delicious mushrooms are great for sauces and stews.

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Mushrooms gives any dish extra flavor. It also helps to cut back a little on the meat that you use. Very healthy and enjoyable.

MsHallie, Memphis, TN

Love the mushrooms....but honestly, I've never tried anything at Save A Lot that I haven't liked!

awesome929, Wellsville, NY

Love the Wylwood products! This was a tasty meal and a good way to get the kids to eat spinach!

harlowjessica, Lisbon Falls, ME

Not only are these mushrooms convenient and terrific for all of your dishes with mushrooms, they taste terrific. I literally eat them out of the can. One of the best canned mushroom products I have ever used.

MrsC, Istachatta, FL

The mushrooms are great for sauces, graveis, etc.! I would recommend them!

barbaragierzak, Jacksonville, FL
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