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Senora Verde® Nacho Tortilla Chips, 11oz 

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Senora Verde<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Nacho Tortilla Chips, 11oz

Give your next party a kick with these Senora Verde Nacho Tortilla Chips. Spicy & cheesy corn chips are great with lunches, dips, or on their own!

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Seriously - These Nacho Chips are the BEST I've ever tasted !!! ... I've gone to Save-A-Lot just to buy these chips & others as well ... For the low price you pay - You can't beat it !!!

TraciMarie, Philadelphia, PA

Not only is the price better than the name brand but the cheese flavor is amazing! My children and I love them with our favorite sandwich or just watching TV.

wammy83, Granite CIty, IL

My kids just love it!


VERY GOOD !! for an off brand > taste just like doritos.

mlpt631, Cape Coral, FL

Great taste, low price - what more could you want?