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World's Fair® Neapolitan - 4 Quart, 128fl oz 

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World's Fair<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Neapolitan - 4 Quart, 128fl oz
Experience the world-class flavor of World's Fair Neapolitan Ice Cream-4-Quart. Creamy chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream-pure, simple, and delicious. Yum!

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Great for all our birthday partys!!!! Love it.

aimeenail, Dunlap, TN

This is the best ice cream providing great taste, great volume for the great price and best way to store and keep ice cream. It last a long time no freezer burns, perfect for large gatherings, can be used so many ways in recipes. The perfect low priced but high quailty tasting ice cream by the bucket! So go save while enjoying and Buy It From The Bucket!

mamawj, greeneville, TN

great for birthday parties or any kind of celebrations i never have to worry about if there is going to be enough ice cream to go around. this ice cream is well worth the price at some stores you can't get half a gallon of ice cream for that price.

mesmerized, cleveland, OH
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