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Coburn Farms® Neufchatel Cheese, 8oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Neufchatel Cheese, 8oz
Try this delicious Coburn Farms Neufchatel cheese on your breakfast toast as an alternative to butter. Also works well as a substitute for cream cheese in cooking and baking recipes.

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Great taste at a great price

jmganz, Baltimore, MD

Great cheeze for those who must diet

quickt, Port Orange, FL

Great flavor and 1/3 less calories. My kids love it on their bagels. Will buy again and again.

cheleskids, Angier, NC

my daughter ask for this. she prefers it to regular cream cheese.

peachmountaingirls, Peebles, OH

This is pretty good. Thanks for offering a lower fat alternative to cream cheese. It's great for making dips or spread on a bagel.

jamier, Holland, NY
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