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Kaskey's® Noodle Soup Instant Mix, 4oz 

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Kaskey's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Noodle Soup Instant Mix, 4oz
Enjoy delicious soup any time with Caskey's Noodle Soup Instant Mix. Just add hot water for a healthy meal or snack in minutes!

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This is the Greatest Product and easy to make, I'll boil water and boil extra egg noodles, once done I put the contents of the package and it's a million dollar meal. Problem is they don't have it all the time

mrzigzag, Lockport, NY

Kaskey's soup and bullion cubes are among the best if not the best. I think that says it all and I am a big soup lover. I make homemade Chicken & Beef Veg. & Beef barely a few times a month each from scratch. But when you want some good soup fast there great.

bigcj, parma, OH

We love this soup mix. I usually add a few finely chopped vegetables and spices and it is my favorite. I pray that you continue to supply this fine soup and to bring back our Save-A-Lot store in Spring Hill, WV. A lot of our friends and neighbors miss this store, and would be in store more often, if it was closer. //...

WA8SIE, Spring Hill, WV
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