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Kaskey's® Onion Soup Mix, 2oz 

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Kaskey's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Onion Soup Mix, 2oz

Enjoy delicious onion soup any time with Kaskey's Onion Soup Mix. Also great for dips, sauces and spicing up casseroles!

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This has better flavor than any name brands I have used. It mixes up nice in ground beef and doesn't overtake the beef flavor in our hamburgers or my casseroles.

LadyJade, Hixson, TN

Lower cost - just as good as the higher/name brand package. Great used over a roast; in meatloaf and in a container of sour cream for a dip.


I am never without it in my pantry. I use it to season roasts in the crock pot - YUMMY!

xangran, Camden, AR

I love this product, cheaper then liptons and it's tastes the same. I use this for many, many things. I've use mostly for dips and for cooking meat. I use this in the crockpot with a wee bit of coffee and seasoning and throw a chuck roast in and yum....I keep a good stock of this product in my pantry. Everytime I stop at Save a Lot, I grab 3 to 5 boxes.

bratwoman, Osseo, MI

This product is great for making pot roast and meat loaf recipes.