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Peake's Pick® Orange Juice Frozen Concentrate, 12oz 

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Peake's Pick<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Orange Juice Frozen Concentrate, 12oz
Drink up the sunshine with Peake's Pick Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate. Contains 100% orange juice concentrate.

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I love this orange juice, it is definitely top quality. No Pulp, just the way I like it! I Add as little or as much water to taste. I usually mix it with 4 or 5 cans of icy cold filtered water. This way I can afford to drink as much of this good stuff as I can carry home. I am goin on 45 years old now and I need the calcium to help keep the parts from flying off. Extra good health points for riding my bicycle to and from the grocery store. It mixes together in seconds and is power packed with sunshine to provide a refreshing cool glass of natural energizing vitamin packed and sun enriched orange juice. Make it your own way and add other juice flavors or use it to mix some smoothies and turn it into an instinct party. It is best for your health of mixed without alcohol.

loverocn, Philadelphia, PA
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