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Save Today Original Barbecue Sauce, 16fl oz 

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Save Today<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Original Barbecue Sauce, 16fl oz

Save-A-Lot Today's delicious barbecue sauce will make your grilling even tastier. Use it on burgers and hot dogs or as a dipping sauce to liven up your meal!

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Too thin! I like a thick, stick to the meat sauce. Flavor was just ok, I prefer the Bauhman's Save-A-Lot carries.


i agree it had a good flavor, but way to runny, it was like pouring water out of a bottle, it dosent stay on meat very well, needs to be thicker.

rebekaht1125, Pennington Gap, VA

Recently tried this on chicken wings and was pleasantly pleased with the taste. It has a wonderful sweet taste and great price.

mgmlnewolf, Montgomery, AL
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