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J. Higgs® Oyster Crackers, 12oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Oyster Crackers, 12oz
Enjoy the rich, buttery flavor of J. Higgs Oyster Crackers. Classic lightly salted crackers are delicious for soups and chowders.

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I love these oyster crackers. They are always fresh and crispy. I like them in soup, and also enjoy a handful as a quick snack.

evanandlinda, Seymour, IN

Great crackers, reasonable price. I make the Oyster Cracker snack using the Ranch Dressing Mix and always use thse crackers.

jrichar862, Summerville, GA

I enjoy oyster crackers when I'm trying to save calories and cut down on bread. Sometimes I cannot even find oyster crackers at other big stores but I always find them at Save-A-Lot and at a reasonable price!

zahndrattina, NY

My family loves to use these to make a yummy snack with powdered ranch dip and olive oil.

scrappertrina, Haslett, MI
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