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Party Pizza - Cheese, 9.8oz 

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Why spend a fortune on delivery when you can have a hot delicious Totino's Party Pizza-Cheese instead? Delicious crisp crust with tangy sauce and gooey cheese.

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My son is autistic and he is a VERY picky eater. That being said, he just LOVES these cheese pizzas! We always have to keep them on hand or else. It's a quick, easy dinner he can make himself and it makes him feel good. Can't beat it!

questofthegalaxies, Irving, TX

These are so fast and tasty! They can take care of a quick Saturday lunch for the kids easily. I also love to keep the cheese Party Pizza on hand to serve instead of bread when we have spaghetti. My family loves them, and I love the savings I get from Save-a-Lot!

aviles, Grand Prairie, TX
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