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Party Pizza - Combo, 10.7oz 

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Why spend a fortune on delivery when you can have a hot delicious Totino's Party Pizza-Combo instead? Delicious crisp crust with tangy sauce, gooey cheese, meat, and veggies.

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These little pizzas are super tasty.

salmod102, Indianapolis, IN

family favorite for generations

tubzluva, concord, OH

This inexpensive snack/meal is the perfect frozen pizza for everyone! Pop it in the over & you have easy peasy goodness your entire family will enjoy! ...but they may all want their own! Add crushed red pepper to make it even more amazing! Better taste than the other frozen pizzas. Crisp & flavorful with all those toppings!

mudpuppy1, Chattanooga, TN

I love this pizza.....just the right size for me!!! It's quick and filling. Just the right amount of sausage and pepperoni.....and its sooooooo good!!! and it crisps up just right!!! I would recommend them to everyone!!

butterflyrose73, powhatan point , OH
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