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Party Pizza - Pepperoni, 10.2oz 

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Why spend a fortune on delivery when you can have a hot delicious Totino's Party Pizza-Pepperoni instead? Delicious crisp crust with tangy sauce, gooey cheese, and spicy pepperoni.

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Its very good pizza. But as of lately when I receive the pizza, it only has sausage. Its a combination of pepperoni and sausage. I know it is chep but you should get what you pay for. Otherwise great pizza!

shypunker, Bensalem, PA

The whole family loves these pizzas and you can't beat the price.

lilmamatina789, Clay, MI

My kids LOVE these little pizzas!!

hhobbs1, Douglas, GA

These are great little pizzas! I add a few onions and a little more cheese and they become Awesome! This time of year we're outside until we run out of day light and these are won-da-ful to have on hand for an easy supper. They're crispy and have good flavor. I leave room in my already-packed-full freezer for these little gems.

ejkjohn1952, Pearl City, IL

This is my favorite frozen pizza!! Hubby and I love to pick these up on a Friday night... dinner is ready in less than 15 minutes, no clean up and is affordable! Great for lunch too!!

tsdaniels09, Fort Myers, FL