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Mantia's Pasta Sauce Meat Flavored, 26oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Pasta Sauce Meat Flavored, 26oz
Create your own Italian masterpiece with Mantia's Meat Flavored Pasta Sauce. Perfectly seasoned tomato sauce with a hearty meat flavor-tasty over Mantia's spaghetti or in pasta bakes.

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this is my all time favorite spaghetti sauce. It's the best I've ever eaten. Please don't stop selling it anytime soon at all :) In my opinion, it's better than the expensive brands.


Even the pickiest eater in my family loves this! It's a great tasting sauce. Try it on meatball subs too!

jenna.rapier, Lake City, FL

This stuff is cheap and delicious.

Fred1674, New Lexington, OH

This sauce is delicious! I used to buy a national brand and paid much more for it. Mantia's is just as good as the other brands, we really enjoy it's flavor. This sauce tastes great and is a value I appreciate.

timkelmom, Live Oak, FL

this is the best sauce it makes a great lasgana

boossie52, Easley, SC