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Mantia's Pasta Sauce Traditional, 24oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Pasta Sauce Traditional, 24oz

Create your own Italian masterpiece with Mantia's Traditional Pasta Sauce. Perfectly seasoned pasta sauce is delicious over Mantia's spaghetti or in pasta bakes.

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We like this pasta sauce better than any brand name product we've tried. It has a nice texture and sticks to the pasta, instead of running off. It's one of many products that keep us shopping at Save-a-Lot.

bonnie.hudson, Jeffersonville, IN

I just started shopping save a lot and I recently used this sauce. It was a touch sweeter than my previous brand but the tomato flavor was bold and the texture was perfect.

marketinggirl22, Grand Haven, MI

This is my favorite pasta sauce and one of the reasons I shop at Sav-a-lot

danitag39, Indianapolis, IN

We tried this last night, it was great!

woobie8894, DeLand, FL