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Mantia's Pasta Sauce Traditional, 24oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Pasta Sauce Traditional, 24oz

Create your own Italian masterpiece with Mantia's Traditional Pasta Sauce. Perfectly seasoned pasta sauce is delicious over Mantia's spaghetti or in pasta bakes.

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I was pleasantly surprised just how well this sauce tasted. This sauce easily can stand up to some of the more expensive name brands too.


I am italian and this sauce is the best over the counter sauce that I have ever tasted. This is more like my mothers sauce. It is superior to Rague and Progresso. Please keep up the good work.

pwhit273, north royalton, OH

The best sauce ever made, better than homemade. This is the only sauce my family will eat. I buy a case at a time! Please don't ever change or stop carrying it!

mforbeskc, Dubuque, IA

This is the best sauce I have ever tasted. I go my way out to buy this sauce (Mantia pasta sauce). There are other grocery stores closer to my house, but I travel further out to Save a Lot to buy this delicious sauce.

Bali, Milwaukee, WI

I buy at least 6 jars of this at a time, so that I dont run out. My family LOVES this sauce. Much better than the name brands.

vondiearthur, Tunas, MO

These sauces are just as good as the brand names. I use them all the time and I add spices (for my own taste) and add meatballs. These are better than the brand names (although I will buy brand name if I can get it on sale.)

fournierlinda, Oak Park, MI

There is something about the taste that is very different - not as acidity as the name brands - and the price is worth it too!

theresa_douglass, Ruskin, FL

This sauce is just as good as homemade if not better AND is a 100 times better than the major brands. It is simply the best!!!!

Tawnya, Murphy, NC

This pasta sauce taste great! Im really picky when it comes to sauces for my pasta and normally choose prego or bertolli. This taste just as good if not better.

gunz-2, Fort Pierce, FL

This is just as good as all the advertised named brands! I was surprised to find out that it has just about all the same order of ingredents in it. Made in USA! Good Job!

rj_farley, Dandridge, TN

Served this sauce to a large group last night for dinner and they loved it.. Even got a request for my recipe! I told them it was from Save-A Lot!

BaileysMom, Winter Haven, FL

This is my go to sauce for my pasta. It has the greatest taste of any brand I have tried.

tjjg1972, garrettsville, OH

nothing but the best for my family. best tasteing pasta sause, the tomatoeee flavor is the best , i use it so many ways , cassarole, spagetti, a thick & rich chilli, i even make use it to make my pizza sause, so conveinent... in so many ways. we are a budget minded family ,,,OH HOW I LOVE THIS STORE!,LIZZIEANN1949@GMAIL.COM

lizzieann, ft.wayne, IN

This pasta sauce is the best in world i would have to say! It taste way better than Prego! I wont buy any other band from now on. When i go to Save A Lot I buy it by the case. Save A lot is a Great store with people with big familys on a budget. We loke everything there. I wont shop anywhere else!

mikenamy09, swanton, OH

Our absolute favorite sauce...for spaghetti, pizza,'s the best!

hojobro52, Newaygo, MI

We like this pasta sauce better than any brand name product we've tried. It has a nice texture and sticks to the pasta, instead of running off. It's one of many products that keep us shopping at Save-a-Lot.

bonnie.hudson, Jeffersonville, IN

I just started shopping save a lot and I recently used this sauce. It was a touch sweeter than my previous brand but the tomato flavor was bold and the texture was perfect.

marketinggirl22, Grand Haven, MI

This is my favorite pasta sauce and one of the reasons I shop at Sav-a-lot

danitag39, Indianapolis, IN

We tried this last night, it was great!

woobie8894, DeLand, FL
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