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Save Today Pepperoni Party Time Pizza, 10oz 

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Save Today<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Pepperoni Party Time Pizza, 10oz

Keep the party going with Party Time Pizzas. With a crunchy crust, melty cheese and plenty of delicious toppings, these pizzas will satisfy your craving at a fraction of the time and cost of delivery.

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How on earth is this allowed to be called food! Sure it cheep and cooked in the 15 minutes it said it would but it has NO TASTE AT ALL. During passover I have made a tastier Pizza by slapping some 5 day old pasta sauce and cheese found in the back of the fridge, and it went down easier then this cheep crap. NEVER again will we get this DONT BUY THIS. Unless you want to piss off the in-laws then this is the right pizza for you.


Enjoyed and gobbled it down , great taste, for 3 dollars and 10 minutes in a hot oven I don't need to order pizza. Wish they would sell them 10 pack for $9.00

9556, Windham, OH

Didn't like this pizza- the dominate taste was yeast. It has a flimsy texture and hardly any cheese. No one of your better items. Sorry.


Are these supposed to be edible? I bought some to have on hand for my hungry teens. Split one with my wife when we got home, but we weren't able to gag it down. Crust was soggy, sauce tasteless, and cheese rubbery. We ended up trying to give the rest away to a homeless shelter, but they rejected them. Shoot! I guess you get what you pay for--next time I'll step it up and but Totinos.


Crust tastes soggy.