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Mantia's Pepperoni Pizza, 20.75oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Pepperoni Pizza, 20.75oz
Bring authentic Italian flavor home with Mantia's Pepperoni Pizza. Flavorful crust covered with sauce, creamy cheeses, and delicious pepperoni-all at a fraction of the price of delivery!

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These pizzas are delicious and affordable. We love the spicy sauce, and that it has both round and diced pepperoni. Perfect! Don't change it!

wadfordj, Archer, FL

These things are amazing. The trend these days (even with premium brands) is to use cheap poultry as an ingredient in the pepperoni and the value brands now use imitation cheese for most pies. These pizzas are 100% real cheese and the pepperoni is 100% beef and pork. They also taste great (spicy sauce) and are very reasonable priced. A+.

ascii256, Porum, OK

great pizzas in little time. I run a daycare and these are great when time is of the essence. The kids love them, and I'm a hero.

crystalelliott2008, Hillsdale, MI

My family and I really like these frozen pizzas, they're an excellent deal. The sauce used has a little bit of spice that other frozen pizzas do not, we really enjoy the extra flavor in the sauce used. The pepperoni is thick sliced, not as thin as on others. Overall, this is a great pizza.


Great product for the price.

rich_bren, Effingham, IL