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Pepperoni Rising Crust Pizza, 27.65oz 

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Pepperoni Rising Crust Pizza, 27.65oz
Get fresh-baked taste without the hassle with Ferratto's Pepperoni Rising Crust Pizza. Crisp and tender crust covered in delicious sauce with warm, melty cheese bakes up right in your oven-at a fraction of the cost of delivery.

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This is a great pizza for the price!! I buy these instead of the more expensive brands and my family can't even tell the difference!

keithandbrittany, Dunnellon, FL

Best out of the Box I have ever had. Lot of toping .

Justabuyer, Cobden, IL

Ferratto's rising crust pizza is delicious. It bakes up with a perfect crust and the sauce and cheese balance the pizza making it one of my favorites.

jacksewme, Warsaw, NY

upscale pizza taste without the upscale price.

mesmerized, cleveland, OH

As someone who likes a pizza a bit too much, I can be pretty picky about what pizzas I'll eat. Ferrattos pizza is definitely one of my favorites. It has the rising crust similar to Digiornio's, but it's much spicier and less expensive than a Digiornio's. Left- over pizza crust gets harder on the bottom, so it tastes better fresh. Overall, definitely a recommended favorite.

Dreamlight, Harrodaburg, KY