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Wylwood® Petite Young Sweet Peas, 15oz 

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Wylwood<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Petite Young Sweet Peas, 15oz
Have a nutritious dinner ready in a flash with Wylwood Petite Young Sweet Peas. Delicious petite sweet peas with a fresh-picked taste.

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My whole family loves these peas. They perfer them to name brand peas.

baterry, Valdosta, GA

I'm relatively new to SAL, and am still trying different things. These are one of the best canned peas you can get, and the price makes them even better. They compare in taste and texture to LeSuer.

rozilla14686, Benton, IL

These peas are premium! They truly taste like some expensive brands of "early peas" that my husband prefers. Thanks for offering an affordable option at my local store!