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Mantia's Pizza Crust Mix, 6.5oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Pizza Crust Mix, 6.5oz
Create your own Italian masterpiece with Mantia's Spaghetti. This delicious mix is fun and easy to make-try it with the kids for a special dinner night!

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I have always let my kids pick what they wanted on their pizzas. Since I started using this mix pizza night is even better. Each kid gets to make thier own crust (from scratch using the kit) and I know it will be perfect every time. No more "I want thin, I want thick" because I can afford for them to each get one. They even throw in a few spices while the mix it up.

mwentzler, Tarpon Springs, FL

very inexpensive and easy to use pizza crust. My father who swears by Chef Boyardee never knew the difference when I made a pizza for him. Superior quality for a price well within my budget.

wammy83, Granite CIty, IL

MANTIA'S Pizza Crust Mix is the best and easyest curst mix I ever used. It keeps it shape when the dough is press in the pan. For the cost of the MANTIA'S mix you are ahead of the game. I havn't had a bad crust ever.

hooters67, KENMORE, NY

I My kids think I am a great chef because of this product. I have 4 girls and we make a pizza together when we are going to have a family night and watch movies and so forth. and I just LOVE to hear them tell me I want to grow up and be chef just Like you mom. Thanks for this great product..and making many memories with my family!! :-D

TinaCampos09, Winters, TX

Once again I LOVE this!!! Everything I have tried has tasted so close to national brands, that I'm never going back!!!

joseph088, Woodland, AL