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Pizza Snack Rolls, 15oz 

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Your kids will thank you for getting these Michelina's Pizza Snack Rolls 30-ct. Delicious pizza sauce and cheese baked in a bite-size flaky crust. Yum!

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Just as good as name brand.


We believe these taste better than the "leading brand"!!

whatchasay, Haleyville, AL

I always shop at Save-a-Lot, but only today did I notice Michelinas pizza snack rolls. My kids are always asking me to pick up pizza snack rolls, but I never do because the "other" name brand is so expensive and the package is so small. So, if they want them, they have to spend their own money on them. Well, these were such a good price, and a really big bag, so I decided to try them. They are GREAT! They taste delicious, heat up well in the micro and the oven or toaster oven, and the price can't be beat! These are on my shopping list from now on!

bbintijua, richmond, VA
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