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Baked Fresh Plain Bagel, 21oz 

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Baked Fresh<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Plain Bagel, 21oz
Save yourself a trip to the bakery with these Baked Fresh Plain Bagels. A delicious treat for weekend brunches and a great way to liven up humdrum sandwiches.

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These are great! Tasty with a nice chewy texture. I keep them in the fridge because they seem to go bad quickly- which I'm guessing means less preservatives than I'm used to getting. Also a good thing!


These bagels without a doubt are top knotch. We love them, they are HUGE & FRESH & taste great toasted or right out of the bag.

melissa_mouse1131, Citrus Springs, FL

these are very good and at a lower price than the bigger grocer's.

rickjudy13, Rineyville, KY

My husband eats these for breakfast on his way to work several times a week. They are an inexpensive convience food.

toddarn, Winchester, OH

love these. bigger in size than the big name & always fresh


Kids love these and they are quick to make.

johnny5278, Bedford, OH

It's an easy way to give my kids a quick and nutritious breakfast and fruit to the side. Thx!


My kids love these!! They are always fresh

tinapup, Savannah, TN

These bagels are pretty inexpensive but they don't seem to stay fresh very long no matter what I do. It seems like after a couple of days - they are hard. But I guess for the price - not a bad deal ... as long as you eat them within a couple of days

Jenfer07, North Olmsted, OH

I love bagels and these are fresh and delious

mandapanda_1234, Akron, IN

These bagles are a great deal for the price you pay. They are always fresh at our save-a-lot.

peterstwo, Roscommon, MI

soft, yet chewy, good texture

greenmomof5, Wentzville, MO

Well I have had bad luck with the bagels being full of mold!


I love the Baked Fresh plain bagels. They taste great and are very filling. I have one most mornings for breakfast. The price is right also.

kitkatti, Baltimore, MD

I have tried MANY bagels and most do not make my "list", but this one does! Very great tasting bagel! Soft and fresh. But the taste is the most important part!

ILoveMyBabyBelle, Wooster, OH
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