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Pork Chops, 1lb 

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Pork Chops, 1lb

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Meat on your next grocery trip. Fresh Meat varies from store to store, so keep your eye out for great specials!

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Wow, can't beat your prices on pork chops and the meat is so fresh! I won't go anywhere else to buy it anymore!


I love these pork chops! Salt, pepper, and some red and green peppers is all they need to be an amazing dinner!!

Lindss119, DE

My family and I are very big into eating a home-cooked meal (especially with this economy!), and feeding a family of 5 can get rather expensive. Pork chops are a staple in our house, and Save-a-Lot gives me the opportunity to serve my "famous" crock-pot pork chops each week! The quality of all the meats at Save-a-Lot is wonderful, and the price, well, it's AMAZING! I can stock up on fresh meat, as opposed to having to make processed, frozen foods all the time. Save-a-Lot offers a great alternative to the so-called "Super Stores" and their SUPER-HIGH PRICES!

dbnsjsmom, Cumberland, MD

Love your fresh meat and 5/19.99 Not only is it a price cut but to save over $4 on meat is great. Keep up the great work

2kv6pony, Saint Louis, MO

Ask any one and they will tell you that Pork Chops are very expensive. That's why I love shopping at Save A Lot. They fall within my budget and are most times available through the pick 5 promotion. This is the best deal around.

ldiamond20, Memphis, TN