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Pork Loin, 1lb 

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Pork Loin, 1lb

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Meat on your next grocery trip. Fresh Meat varies from store to store, so keep your eye out for great specials!

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I just got pork loin for $1.18 a pound! The meat is so fresh. Will continue to buy my meat at Save a lot!


This meat is so good and feeds a lot of people. I love it! All I did was add some seasoning to it and bake it and it was great

nicholeherold, Ocala, FL

Every trip I make to Save A Lot I purchase a pork tenderloin. You can cook it in the oven or throw it on the bbq pit, whichever way you decide to cook it, itis so tender. This is definately a family favorite.

kltm, Chalmette, LA

Save-A-Lot pork loins are a great quality product and very tasty! Just put one in a slow cooker covered with water before you go to work. When you come home (8-10 hours) shred it up into a big bowl using 2 forks, then mix it up in a lot of your favorite barbeque sauce ~ and there you have some awesome pulled pork sandwiches! Don't forget to try some Save-A-Lot horseradish on it, it tastes great!

punkinhead727, Gloversville, NY

Slow cooked this loin to perfection ,good quality and very tasty. Always do well shopping at Sav a Lot will always buy my meats there

PaulT, Princeton, MO
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