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Pork Ribs, 1lb 

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Pork Ribs, 1lb

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Meat on your next grocery trip. Fresh Meat varies from store to store, so keep your eye out for great specials!

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These Ribs are magic! They always disappear when I make them! Everybody enjoys them, they are always fall off the bone tender, and flavorful! I highly Recommend them!

definite_defiance, Albany, NY

Wow to these spareribs. I have 2 adult children that I love spending time with. There busy lives are hectic and its hard to squeeze in time for Mom and Dad but these spareribs at Save-A-Lot are the perfect way to get them home for a back yard family barbeque. All I have to do is say , come on over Dad and I are having Save-A- Lot's spareribs and I can count on them being herein a flash.. Everyone loves these delicious ribs and I love haveing the family all together. Thanks Save-A-Lot, I can actually afford to invite them over for your delicious ribs

lmac, Port Orange, FL

I love the ribs at SAL. They grill up very tasty and tender and are very reasonably priced! Delicious!

Becca2u, Danville, KY

With the nice warm weather today I grilled ribs for the first time since late fall. Save-A-Lot has very reasonably price ribs that are meaty and cook up tender and juicy. How appropriate that I made an absolute pig of myself over your pork products.....and I plan to do it again and again over the next few months in our prime grilling season. Thanks for your great meat products.

lightninbolt, Dothan, AL

We bought these ribs to cook for our Super Bowl party and they were delicious. Lots of meat and great flavor. We will definetly buy them again, the price was terriffic!

krgarrett, Gray Court, SC
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