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Marcum® Pure Vanilla Extract, 2oz 

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Marcum<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Pure Vanilla Extract, 2oz
Create yummy desserts and confections with Marcum Pure Vanilla Extract. Delicious vanilla extract has a premium, rich flavor and can be used any time a recipe calls for vanilla flavoring or extract.

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I love this in any yellow or pound cake as 100% pure vanilla can be a bit strong for basic cakes. Question: WHERE'S THE LEMON EXTRACT!!!!!!


i always have this in stock in my pantry!! you can't beat the price and i use it in alot of everyday things for that little extra you never know what it is in a recipe, just that it's homemade and you love it:)

thebuyingzone, South Haven, MI

Great vanilla! Reasonably priced, nice flavor, comes in a glass bottle too! thank u.

mariethecheesecakelady, Alton, IL
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