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Senora Verde® Refried Beans, 16oz 

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Senora Verde<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Refried Beans, 16oz
Turn a supper siesta into a fiesta with Senora Verde Refried Beans. Creamy and flavorful refried beans make a delicious dip. Also a great addition to burritos and soft tacos!

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We love to eat Mexican style food and these refried beans are great - price and taste!

juliawilson, Dunn, NC

These are great on nachos!

girlfriendis, Metairie, LA

I love these refrieds and the price is reasonable.


A great product or better than those other name brands and at a better price. All of my 4 children love refried beans even the child who is now vegetarian. We use them with taco salads, wraps, regular tacos, with rice and lots more. The beans add the protein the children need in their diets and with a little cheese, sour cream and jalapenos they are great with corn chips. Mom of four - SC

CJellyBean5, Ladson, SC

Cheaper and better than the name brand beans. Mix with taco rice and taco meat for a great filling for burrito's. add cheese and taco sauce. this is my sons most favorite food in the whole world. it is all he want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

gis45, Akron, OH