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Roma Tomatoes, 1lb 

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Roma Tomatoes, 1lb

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Meat on your next grocery trip. Fresh Produce varies from store to store, so keep your eyes out for great fresh specials!

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I bought some of the Roma tomatoes that are on sale this week. They are the perfect size for adding to sandwiches and salads. They were fresh, firm, and easy to slice. They tasted very good and are a great value compared to full-size tomatoes that are more expensive. Please keep these in stock in your stores at the advertised prices permanently and I will continue to buy them.

munstar, Columbus, GA

I always like shopping at Save a Lot for produce. Your Roma tomatoes are always a good quality and last a while in my refrigerator. The prices are great!!

stilltheone1013, Salisbury, MD

I find vegetables are always fresh at Save-a-lot, their tomatoes look great. And the price is really good.

minaob, Bradenton, FL

I always buy Roma tomatoes at Sav-A-Lot. They are the perfect serving size for one person. Just wash and slice and you have the perfect side/vegetable for a sandwich or casserole or whatever.

cynthia_booker, Pensacola, FL

Like all the produce I purchased at Save-A-Lot, these were excellent. and fresh. Nice size and not overly ripe. At most stores I find Roma tomatoes that are beyond their normal shelf life - they're bruised and starting to go bad. I'm very pleased with my produce purchase at Save-A-Lot.

KMA, Opelousas, LA
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