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Tubz Root Beer, 67.6oz 

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Kick back with a refreshing Tubz Root Beer. Creamy & delicious!

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Taste like the homemade Rootbeer my grandmother made...

SandiMac, Carbondale, PA

This is my absolute favorite drink besides pepsi lol we shop at save a lot almost everyday and everytime I go in I have to grab a 20o.z. I love the price too I could get 2 Tubz for the price of one pepsi

monkadoodles2, waterbury, CT


altie, Wilson, NC

My family has always LOVED Tubz" Diet" Root Beer ! Even company would brag about it not tasting "Diet" ! and would want to know... what brand is this ? Now since the new packaging came about , I havent been able to find the "Diet" Root Beer ! Please come back with it ! We've tried other brands and none will do for my family ! Please help ! =-/

nenabug, lebanon junction, KY

this is my kids favorite root beer when making root beer floats

mgeisler39, tampa, FL