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Portmann's® Salad Dressing, 32fl oz 

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Portmann's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Salad Dressing, 32fl oz
Create delicious dishes with Portmann's Salad Dressing. Creamy salad dressing is the perfect base for tuna salad, chicken salad, and more-at a delicious price your family can afford.

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I prefer this product over any other salad dressing. My family agrees that it tastes as good if not better than Miracle Whip Brand.

FatRastus, IN

Best salad dressing available. Everyone raves about my potato and macroni salads and the only difference between mine and others is the salad dressing----and to boot, it's much lower in calories than mayonaise.

dj-ross, Hamilton, NJ

Portman's salad dressing has a great taste in my potato salad that I make from scratch. it also offers an extremely attractive price compared to the major competitors. Why pay more when you can get an excellent product for a much lower price. Try it, you'll really like what it can do for you in the kitchen.

sidneydenker, Dunedin, FL

I just love this product. It gives my deviled eggs just the zip that everyone loves. In my homemade potato salad I used to only use Miracle Whip, now I only use Portmann's.

jerbear2265, Green Bay, WI

This is the only product I will not buy at Save-a-lot. The brand you used to carry was as close to Miracle Whip as I have ever found. This one however, is a different story. Bring the other back please.

dmorris, Weston, WV
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