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Mantia's Sausage Pizza, 21.5oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Sausage Pizza, 21.5oz
Bring authentic Italian flavor home with Mantia's Sausage Pizza. Flavorful crust covered with sauce, creamy cheeses, and delicious sausage-all at a fraction of the price of delivery!

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This pizza has a great taste and with the low price, you can't beat it. We eat this pizza about three times a week as a quick lunch. If I would change any thing about this pizza, It would be a thicker crust.

StevenMcClelland, Essex, MD

This pizza comapres to Homerun Pizza & Tombstone - not bad for frozen pizza - not bad at all!

Marenge, Irving, TX

this a good pizza for the price..i would buy it again.

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