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Marcum® Seasoned Salt, 12oz 

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Marcum<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Seasoned Salt, 12oz
Spice things up with Marcum Seasoned Salt. Use seasoned salt to bring out the natural flavors of meat-great for pork, chicken, or steak. Also great for homemade burgers!

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I've spent a lot of money through the years on various spices. I have to say that hands down, this is the most widely used and versatile spice ever. It enhances steak, pork, chicken, seafood, eggs,. Virtually anything you're cooking this can be used to enhance the flavor. The price was a definite plus as well! Don't waste your' time or money going elsewhere as they have the best price possible for spices. You can afford to use it for every meal at this price :-)

acbenson70, Clearwater, FL

how do i see the price

gcantlin, mt ephraim, NJ
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