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Ferratto's Self Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza, 27.65oz 

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Ferratto's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Self Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza, 27.65oz

A premium pizza with a thick and crispy crust that rises as you bake it. Loaded with generous toppings for a real pizzeria taste - at home!

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Oh my gosh this pizza is a close second to my local fox's restaraunt pizza it's much better than those stupid big buck name brand pizzas like digiornio and tombstone but I really enjoy ferrato's and mantias pizza so does my whole family thank you save-a-lot for providing such great products

The_Save_a_lot_cool_shopper, Whitesville, WV

The taste was really surprising. Great value for the price. And "yes" I did purchase again. Also, told friends about the great value and taste.

customer2, Jacksonville, FL

These pizzas are GREAT!! In my opinion, they taste much better than more expensive name brand pizzas and the self-rising crust rises better, too. In my house are 3 picky people with very different tastes, but we all love these pizzas.

jeg417, TN

Absolutely love this pizza! I actually prefer it to other "name brands", and even Pizza Hut. I just hope they don't stop carrying it like everything else I've loved from Save-A-Lot.

chrysb81, MS

It's great to find a frozen pizza where every topping isn't made with "mechanically separated chicken." The big, popular, "premium" brands in most stores are the worst. Please make sure this doesn't change.

JLS, Evansville, IN