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Ferratto's Self Rising Crust Supreme Pizza, 27.65oz 

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Ferratto's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Self Rising Crust Supreme Pizza, 27.65oz

A premium pizza with a thick and crispy crust that rises as you bake it. Loaded with generous toppings for a real pizzeria taste - at home!

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I could swear these pizzas are made by Diagornio. They are by far the best value for the money and as good or better than any pizza I have ever eaten! Restaurant pizza included!


This is a great pizza at a great price. Thanks

dennislawn, Creswell, OR

This Pizza is so AWESOME! i was totally amazed fro the price! I honestly expected the usual cardboard frozen Pizza taste! This Pizza tastes as good as any Take Out Pizza I have had at a fraction of the cost!

glorioussnookie, paris, TN

delicious and great price. my family loves pizza night and i love the affordabilty.

saphire.blue30, Albemarle, NC

Luv, Luv this pizza and it fits my budget & with all the fresh produce I find to make a nutritious salad at SAL, my family is very happy

propertymanager, Tampa, FL