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Ginger Evans Self-Rising Flour, 5lb 

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Ginger Evans<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Self-Rising Flour, 5lb

It's easy to make confections right in your own kitchen with Ginger Evans Self-Rising Flour. Great for biscuits, muffins, and other quick breads!

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Hi I just want to share with you about the new cake we made. It is called Gooseberry-Almonds Surprise Cake and its our own original modified recipe. We used a Ginger-Evans Self rising flour and it added quality to our finished product and many love it :) You can look for this link I linked you and promoted you in this article. We are looking forward to be counted in your free trial products in exchange of a free blog /marketing product review. God bless

Laids, Tennessee, TN

I usually love Save-a-Lot products, but not so much this time. While my bake goods looked good they definitely had a "bitter" off taste. It was from too much aluminum in the self rising flour. I know this because I have when baking with AP flour added too much baking powder and my baked goods had the same "flavor". Otherwise I love SAL's products!!!

mellibean, Lancaster, OH

Great Flour! Just as good a White Lilly or Pillsbury, and much more affordable! So soft that I don't have to sift!

tbright_2003, Church Hill, TN

This flour is excellent to bake with and I always use it for home-made rolls.

lemonp0ptart, Jacksonville, FL
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