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Banquet Skinless Crispy Chicken, 31oz 

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Banquet Skinless Crispy Chicken, 31oz
Enjoy a satisfying meal anytime with Banquet Skinless Crispy Chicken. Juicy, bone-in chicken has the taste of traditional fried chicken without the skin!

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These are my favorites, still have the crunchy taste of fried chicken but no skin.

sweokgrl, Haskell, OK

when its hot and i dont really feel like cooking .. I throw this chicken in the oven! I love it and my family loves it! two thumbs up!!!

jello72474, Barberton, OH

We love having boxes of this chicken on hand for friends and family. It is so tasty, juicy, and crispy; you will never know that it is skinless! Yum!

tbyberger, West Bloomfield, MI
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