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Tipton Grove Sliced Peaches In Syrup, 29oz 

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Tipton Grove<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Sliced Peaches In Syrup, 29oz

Enjoy the fresh-picked taste of Tipton Grove Sliced Peaches In Syrup. Delicious peaches are perfect for snacks, school lunches, or desserts.

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I buy these to pack my husbands lunch for work and he loves them. One can last 3 days and the price is very reasonable...I will be a sav a lot today! Love this store!!

trina.lambert, Newport News, VA

These are great peaches. They're fresh tasting, firm and not mushy. Not only do we eat them right from the can, but they make the best peach pie and peach cobbler at a very low, affordable price.

sue-z-q, Ocala, FL

Delicious, very firm and fresh tasting. Highly comparable to brand name.

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