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Diane's Garden® Sliced Stewed Tomatoes, 14.5oz 

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Diane's Garden<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Sliced Stewed Tomatoes, 14.5oz
You can really taste the difference with Diane's Garden Sliced Stewed Tomatoes. Great on their own or in sauces, soups, and stews!

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One of the BEST ... if not ... THE BEST CANNED FOOD PRODUCT ... I've ever used. Seriously. I have been talking up these tomatoes for years ... Garden Club ( great substitute for fresh tomatoes during winter months ) and today I even recommended Diane's Garden Stewed Tomatoes on FACEBOOK!!! Just terrific. So impressed with the quality of the vegetables and the flavor. IT REALLY TRULY LOOKS & TASTE LIKE A HOMEMADE, HOME CANNED PRODUCT - out of a store bought can! Seriously.

KenerlyJ, Springfield, OH

I buy at least 12 cans of these every month, because when I open them I eat them right out of the can before I get them into what I am making-----they are soooooo good in every recipe, or just out of the can.

jasperilla7, Colorado Springs, CO

Our family absolutely love these tomatoes....this is just about the only brand my husband will eat....makes excellent tomatoe gravy and homemade soups....

bhdchs97, Perry, FL

Perfect touch to a bowl of chili!


These are some of the best stewed tomatoes I've ever bought. The flavor is very fresh!

sherikcmo, Independence, MO