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Marcum® Soul Seasoning, 8oz 

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Marcum<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Soul Seasoning, 8oz
Spice things up with Marcum Soul Seasoning. Add soul seasoning to savory batters, stews, and marinades to add a down-home flavor to any dish.

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This seasoning is wonderful! Just the right balance of spices. We've used it for chicken, pork chops, eggs, even popcorn- it is THAT GOOD!!! Love it!


This is, by far, the greatest spice blend, ever. I use on everything, from ramen to grilled chicken. it is amazing.

rellimnoraa, la porte, IN

I would like to say that my family has now used Marcum's Soul seasoning for the past 8-10 years an we love it! It has everything you would need to add to your meats while cooking in the oven or on the grill. I will continue to buy this product until you stop making it. Becky Schroeder from Minnesota

Beckster, Hibbing, MN
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