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Banquet Southern Fried Chicken, 9oz 

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Banquet Southern Fried Chicken, 9oz

For 50 years, Banquet has been making the familiar foods that families love. From Salisbury steak to crispy fried chicken and turkey pot pies to chicken breast tenders, you can always count on Banquet to provide consistently good taste at a great value.

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Just tried this product for the first time. Very pleased with the taste, the southern fried chicken crust and how easy it was to prepare. Will definitely buy again!

bpvglory, New Port Richey, FL

Banquet does provide consistently good taste at a great value.The chicken was fresh & delicious............overall a mouthwatering recipe!!

hks2k7, Baltimore, MD

We have been eating this chicken for years. When you dont have time to be baby sitting your dinner just throw these and the oven and go on with what everelse you have to do. Easy & Delicious

bethann.wheaton, Sharon, PA
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