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Allure Splenda Sweetener, 100ct 

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Allure Splenda Sweetener, 100ct
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Allure Splenda Sweetener. Perfect in coffee, tea, or your favorite chilled beverage. Also great on cereals and snacks!

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convenient and priced right!


I have been using this product for years and absolutely love it! My only complaint is I can't get the granulated in a bag year round like other stores. It is only available this time of year with baking for the holidays. Make it a year round product and I will be the happiest customer ever!! Thanks for listening!

robynia2003, Riverview, FL

My husband has diabetes and loves this product. It surpasses any other sweetener I have tried. It is just the right sweet and doesn't leave that bitter aftertaste that other sweeteners do, I will continue to buy this every time. Wonderful price also! Buy at Savalot and Save a LOT!

perkyjt, ENUMCLAW, WA

The Allure Splenda product is no different than the national brand that is sold in all stores through our area. I use it in all my beverages on a daily basis and really can't tell the difference but my pocket book does. There is a large savings between the two and I know where I will be buying my Allure Splenda from in the future

newmanca, Tampa, FL

love this sugar, better than regular sugar, also great to put in tea and great to use with baking instead of using regular sugar, you'll never know or notice the difference in the baked goodies when you use it in stuff like cookies, cakes, etc.

christy9500bell, Ottawa, IL